Why work with Miss Write?


In my experience, Elise can really be counted on to get things done. She's very smart and picks things up quickly with a calm and diligent manner. Elise is the complete package - she is numerate and analytical, but also a good writer with a key eye for design. I wouldn't hesitate to rely on Elise to deliver a project and would fully recommend her to others."


- Alison Overton, Independent Marketing and Fundraising Consultant



"I have worked with Elise on a range of different projects in fundraising, marketing and PR. She is strategic, thoughtful and a brilliant writer. 


Elise has acted as an advisor to me, and to UN Women Australia on the development of a fundraising strategy. She has helped us to think about the opportunities which we have, within the resource constraints which we face. I am looking forward to our next project!"


- Julie McKay, Executive Director, UN Women Australia



"Elise has the enviable ability to seemingly never get flustered no matter what is thrown at her, and to always deliver beyond what was asked. Her commitment and professionalism are second to none."


- Petrana Lorenz, Communications & Marketing Manager, ASHM